You already know. If you did not, you would not have come here. No need to hesitate. Do what you dream of and speak up son.

Locked. A group of supreme individuals creeps around the block. Violent takes on their turf, make them distrust society. They respond by rekindling their superior origins. Attitude as means of survival, this collective, speaks, united as one. Fearless.

For SS16, KUNZ further explores a graphic and masculine silhouette. Straight lines, graphic tag bonds, sharp cuts and clean surfaces dominate these underplayed styles. Deep blacks, dark heather grays and crisp whites, make for a sober backdrop, occasionally lit up by mesh details or subtle logo trims.

Leather jackets appear over tailored sweats, tanks are paired with elongated tees and fitted tops sway over lush baggy shorts. The sleek coats combine traditional tailoring with multifunctional zip closures, that morph the garments into flexible entities. These powerful hoodlums stand tall. Some even arise, equipped with leather gun-wallets, oozing smooth confidence and independence.

We never forget. Nobody can take this from us.