14 years old. KUNZ meets girl. First love. End of story?
Not this time.

Youth is what we want it to be. It speaks to us, as we define ourselves. Looking back: no. Appreciating what we had: definitely Add a good decade or so and we find ourselves in the present day.
A chance encounter led to KUNZ rekindling his true first love. A moment when their two stories, once fueled by pure emotion, were intertwined yet again.

Such pure love is destined to endure. Inspired by this connection, KUNZ, created his first womenswear collection; a proud homage to his original muse. The silhouette captures the uniquest connection he ever felt.
The result is a clean line of understated garments, appraising the female anatomy. Sleek sturdy jersey is paired with mesh panelling, crafted velour tops are matched with fitted bottoms and a structured leather zip jacket appears over a sharp body hugging dress. The tailoring is cleanly astute, accentuating the waist and neckline, through revealing cut-out paneling and the overall tight fit. Monochrome, understated and sober, all attention is drawn to the surface texture, versatile fastenings and graphic contrasts. Each piece exists with the purpose to make women shine, from the inside out.
This first love: so revealing and pure. It truly speaks louder than words.
We are forever united. Our togetherness will never be forgotten.