Return to where you are from. Our homestead. Upon roaming the streets, seek out safety. Belong. Tucked away to reflect on what makes us tick. A silent repose. Realness.
A place of connection fueled by unified power. Grouped yet individually empowered, we knock down doors. Seeking. Speaking. Listening.

We have arrived. HOME NOX – influenced by the cribs and bloods of LA

Stone-cold urban cliques wander the neighborhood. Clad in cropped armor-like jackets, drop-shorts, fitted trousers and boxy sweats, they advance. Innate to the streets they safeguard; patron to none, surveyors of all. Protected from the barren elements, they sport sleek cashmeres, soft mink wool and sheer jersey, paired with sturdy textured leathers and flexible neoprene. Uniform manhood. Surfaces are kept clean, supporting effortless functionality and movement.

Expression is fostered by the colorway, with deep reds and blues appearing alongside crisp white, deep black and underplayed silvery grays. Associate with those you stand by. Make it there in a second. AW15 fosters a connection of likeminded peers, innovators, stepping out with intent. Blink twice, never hesitate.