Rise above mankind, towering above oneself whilst battling your past and in the end letting go. One man defiantly surveys his land. Composed and willful, he is ready to strike and engage. As he lingers, reflecting on what path he choose to wander, something suddenly clicks. Irreverently, all seems clear out there and as the winter sky turns quiet, he steps forward confidently onto his destiny.

For AW14, KUNZ returns to a pragmatic dissection of menswear tailoring.
The garments are constructed precisely and retain a sense of luxurious utility dressing. Supportive of the stern and rather rigid silhouette, the fabrics serve as a second layer to our skin, shielding us from the shifting seasons. A selection of crisp jersey, sturdy denims, pliable leathers and sultry mink woolen cashmere, shape the backdrop to the collection. Contrasting textures are created by mixing fabrics, graphic cuts, detailed zippers and surfacing pockets.

AW14 is supported by an understated color palette, consisting of hued grays, deep blacks and bright whites, infused with a dash of crisp bright blue, to make the details pop. Basketball jackets, knee length coats, structure sweats and turtleneck tees are juxtaposed by sturdy leather jackets, a gun holster wallet and sleek shiny backpacks, for the discerned traveler. The subtle variation in lengths, allows the wearer to make sartorial choices, choosing layering or a more minimalistic approach. As our hero reaches for new heights, we observe a new dawn, championing individual expression.